I’m Lindsey. I’m twenty-five, a wife, a mother.

Aren’t we all more than that though?

I’m weird, I’m quirky and I’m a dreamer. I love to garden and grow our vegetables, herbs and flowers – and I love to share. I love the idea of being self-sustaining and maybe we’ll get there one day. I’m strong and athletic, I love to be outdoors, I love hiking and gazing at beautiful landscapes and sunsets. I’m a gentle soul, and a hopeless romantic. I believe in alternative healing, meditation and self love though I struggle with the later. I’m shy but I love to listen, to absorb, maybe talk here and there and when I do I swear like a trucker (oh shit!). I have my highs, my lows and I’m sensitive and some days I’m just not OK.

There is such a amazing, supportive community of mothers and women online. I’d love to share, express and connect with you on a whole nutha level.





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