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Hey y’all – the Earth Mama comin’ at you with bags under my eyes, hairs a little fuzzled and I may just be a little disgruntled today (or for the past week). Basically just be happy you can’t see the face behind the screen at the moment.

I’m not sure if it is this hot and muggy weather, the air quality from BC and Oregon fires or my three cats all wanting in at separate times throughout the night (Odin isn’t even waking me up!). Either way I’m in need of some serious rejuvenation and maybe the largest cup of coffee ever.
Or maybe just my favorite blend of essential oils for a pick-me-up. I’ve run out and thought it’d be something small but great to share!

My mother in law gifted me a wonderful book and its been my saving grace for certain ailments (along with the wonderful world of google). This book is basically an A-Z guide to your essential oils. So for today we are making a blend for fatigue, exhaustion, energy – whatever name you wanna call it!

Rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, orange, peppermint, lavender and tea tree are just a few examples of essential oils that will help us mamas when our days are long and our eyes are heavy. Pairing and blending is where you get creative and choose to your own preferences.

I personally love and react well to a blend of lavender, peppermint and orange and I prefer fractionatedcoconut oil as my carrier. I use 10mL dark glass roller balls to make my blends in. I find the roller-ball more convenient on the go instead of the dropper.

You can get creative with your ratios. Typcially in a 10ml bottle I use 15-30 drops depending on how strong I want my blend to be. Different blends using different essential oils will differ depending on strength of certain oils. I prefer this blend to be a bit on the stronger side myself but you may decide otherwise – start small and you can work your way up if you choose! When using peppermint be very mindful it is very strong and can definitely over-power your other scents.

My ratio for my blend was 10 drops of orange, 10 drops of lavender and 8 drops of peppermint. If only I could take a picture of how good this blend smells!
Along with fatigue and a lack of energy this blend is great for headaches, tension and nausea. When using this oil blend I like to rub on the back of my neck, temples, and inner wrists. Sometimes I will even use these essential oils without a carrier oil and only put a few drops in my hands and inhale a few breaths and then rub on my neck – this works really well for a sore neck too as the peppermint tingles!

Definitely do your research before using essential oils. They can be really great when used in moderation and used the right way. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or have medical issues check with your doctor or midwife before using any essential oils.

Do you have any essential oil blends that you love for a boost of energy? Let me know in the comments below!


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