Our 21 Day No Plastic Challenge has come to an end and let me just say – the struggle is real.

It has definitely been an eye-opening experience to say the least. I’ve struggled in some areas but achieved great results in others. I’ve found new products I love such as Bamboo Toothbrushes, Muslin Bulk Bags, Glass Straws and I’ve began recycling items I once used to blindly throw in the trash. Avoiding plastic is definitely becoming more of a habitual lifestyle change and I’m still looking for ways to cut back but its a slow-moving process and does require some thought or research even!

Anyways, enough about my experience! I was so happy to have two wonderful mama’s join in on the challenge and answer a few questions about themselves, the struggles of this challenge but also where they felt they succeeded! We have Raelene from We Are The Johns as well as Nicolle from The Warrior Momma.




Firstly we have Nicolle, the newest mama of us three ladies. Her story is inspiring to me on so many levels. You can check Nicolle out Instagram – @thewarriormommaFacebook, Twitter as well as Pinterest!
About me: I am a first time momma to a 6 month old little guy. I am also a three time brain tumor warrior. I am trying to live life in the healthiest way for myself and my family, which means sticking to a (mostly) plant based diet, finding joy in the little things each day, and loving my son and husband to the fullest.
What made you want to participate in the #noplasticchallenge: I am always looking for ways that I can make adjustments to my lifestyle to be more conscientious of my health and the health of our environment. Our society has become incredibly dependent on plastics, often in many instances where they are not actually necessary, so I wanted to become more aware of what changes I could make in my daily life to reduce the dependence on plastic.
In your mind, what is one fact that stands out the most about plastic pollution: We can reduce our use and dependence on plastics! This stands out to me because it is something so obvious, yet often overlooked.
During your one week challenge- what has been the hardest part? And the easiest?
Trying to minimize the use of plastic products when it is the norm in our society. For example, at the grocery store, SO many foods are packaged in plastic that don’t need to be. They had fresh cilantro available both in and out of a plastic container. It made me pause and think, why the unnecessary use of plastic when it is clearly not needed?
The easiest for me was using reusable water bottles- mostly because I have a slight obsession with buying fancy water bottles so I always have one on hand.
One piece of advice for anyone else looking to cut back on plastics: Set yourself up for success. Keep your reusable grocery bags in your car or somewhere you KNOW you will see them before you go to the store. Go and get a reusable water bottle that you like so you are drawn to use it more. Invest in quality reusable products such as organic beeswax wraps so you will want to use them.
Photo by Maigan Lee Photography

Second, we have Raelene! I met Raelene through my sister-in-law and our boys are only weeks apart! Raelene is such a happy, uplifitng spirit to be around. Raelene and her son are definitely the most fashionable people I know! You can find Raelene on Instagram – @wearethejohnsblog, Facebook as well as Pinterest!

About me: I’m a mama to one boy and wife to Josiah for almost 7 years. When did that happen! We just recently moved from Langley, BC to Calgary, AB for my husband’s work and so far we are really loving it. I LOVE to travel, I seriously have trips planned in my head until I expire, I may drive my husband up the wall about always wanting to go somewhere, but I think he secretly loves it. I’m passionate about sharing imperfect photos of my real life and discussing motherhood in all its rawness. You’ll find me at coffee shops with an almond croissant in hand wearing a pair of black jeans and talking to strangers like I know them. Recently, I have found a new passion in being more conscious of our planet and how I treat it, starting with my wardrobe!
Photo by Menze Visuals
What made you want to participate in the #noplasticchallenge: Well, I have really been working on taking extra waste out of our day to day lives so I thought it would fun to challenge myself and to open my eyes to areas that use plastic that I am not yet aware of.
During the one week challenge. What has been the hardest part? The easiest part?
Gah. The hardest part was the grocery store. Seriously, everything comes in plastic. I never put my fruit or vegetables in plastic bags, but my son loves blueberries and those come in a plastic container, so does bread (insert eye roll). It seems like so much packaging has plastic on it that we don’t even realize it!
Okay, the easiest, (this is funny) is remembering my bags at the grocery store. Since we live downtown Calgary, I walk for our groceries so even if I forget my bags I can just pop it in the storage at the bottom of my stroller. Also, I was pretty good at remembering my tumbler, I’d say 9/10 times.

One piece of advice for somebody looking to cut back on plastic: My one piece of advice would be to try taking one thing out a week. If you go to hard at once you might get a bit discouraged!

And lastly… my one piece of advice would be to stay positive, start small, set goals.

If we all start with small goals, challenge each other to do better and really get word out there think of how much we could change! I hope seeing some real mama’s being passionate about reducing our waste and plastic consumption inspires you all to make tiny changes! Take the challenge yourself and post your results on Instagram and tag #noplasticchallenge and @theearthmama_ so we can see what you’ve done!


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