Today is day 7 of our 21 Day No Plastic Challenge. If you have no idea what I’m going on about check out our last post here.

In just 7 days it has proven to be an extremely hard challenge that requires a lot of brainstorming and searching for alternatives. I’ve felt tons of frustration and discouragement because this modern world is a world thriving on plastic and its very hard to escape it.

The main things we worked on this week were:
Recycling [more], diapers, shopping habits, alternative products and removing plastic from use.

Firstly, recycling does make a difference. Dan and I are fairly avid recyclers but even we took notice to how much recyclables were going into the wrong bin. I noticed all of the tiny things that were going into the trash such as bread clips, little lids, and even plastic wrapping. Not all items are able to be collected during weekly bin pick-ups. Local recycling stations will take the things your can’t put on the curb such as plastic bags or plastic wrapping – and if you’re unsure you can Google or even ask a worker.

Diapers. I’ve always quarrelled in my mind with diapers. They are so bloody convenient but I hate the waste and paying for them. Why am I paying for my child to poop in chemicals laced with plastic to just throw away? That being said we’ve gone back and forth between cloth and disposable and probably have used more disposables. We have switched back to cloth for majority of the time – other than at night or long periods of us being out of the house. It has cut down our trash significantly and I’m happy reducing in that area!

Grocery shopping and the kitchen as a whole was where I felt most discouraged. It was our first day and we had our typical shop which mainly consists of fruit and veggies, meat, eggs, milk, yogurt and bread with a few snacks. It was no surprise how hard it would be but I didn’t expect it to be that hard. I did remember my cloth bags and avoided at least 5-8 plastic carry out bags.

I needed to buy baking soda from bulk and had no alternative at the time. After searching the internet I found two ways to avoid plastic bags when bulk shopping. I had purchased these Muslin Bags which work great for bulk as well as my storing needs. I, for some reason, have an abundance of brown paper bags in the pantry which I also found as a great alternative to plastic bags.

Straws are one of the larger plastic pollutants out there. I love to drink my smoothies or juices from a straw but I’ve always refused to buy them. Again, in my internet searching I found a pack of Clear Glass Straws that also came with cleaning brushes – bonus. So I can happily say as of this week I’ve been enjoying my smoothies with an earth-friendly straw!

We haven’t been able to go to a bakery up until now due to potential allergies. I’m now excited and happy because this means I can purchase these super cute Cotton Bread Bags. After the terrible realization that you can’t buy bread without plastic at a grocery store, we will definitely be going to local bakeries!

Aside from shopping, recycling and cloth diapering we have been avoiding plastic that lives in our house-hold as much as we can. Odin has few but plenty plastic plates and bowls which now live on the top shelf, just out of reach, and we now solely use glass or wood. Most of our utensils are metal or wood but we do have the occasional silicone which is widely considered a plastic so we’ve been avoiding those for now.

It’s been a rough week trying to avoid and I really hope we can do better next week in terms of avoiding plastic as best we can. Truly I think no plastic isn’t an option but less plastic definitely is.



Have you joined our challenge?

Tag @theearthmama_ and #noplasticchallenge on Instagram so we can see what ways you’ve changed your plastic consumption!

Products listed are not sponsored. These are products I’ve bought and tried or am hoping to purchase in our adventure of less plastic!

5 thoughts on “Day 7/21 – LIVING IN A PLASTIC WORLD”

  • This may not be exactly be just about be no plastic, but it is about reducing waste- so here it goes haha.
    I know it’s not needed for you now, but in the future, another way to reduce waste– and for other women– is looking into alternative menstrual products. Cloth pads, reusable tampons, sea sponges, period panties, and menstrual cups (possibly other items I can’t think of at the moment). Even though the menstrual cups are made of silicone. On YouTube you can look up reviews of products. (Itsjustkelli does a good review on all the above mentioned products.)

  • Well done on making it through your first week of your no plastic challenge, I hope from now you have an easier time with it!

  • I’ve been slowly moving more and more to the whole non-plastic movement over the last four or five years. It’s hard here in Korea, because even at traditional farmer’s markets, a lot of stuff gets packaged with plastic. I really hope the whole idea gets more known around here!
    At least at home I’m able to use glass, ceramics, and textiles. Great post and love the bread bags!

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