This year our family goal is to reduce our footprint on this lovely Earth of ours. In the rush of our everyday lives we truly do forget how much we take for granted and how much we really are consuming. Most of us don’t go a day without a plastic product. It’s everywhere, on everything and it is very hard to escape.

After scouring many articles I’ve found some real eye opening statistics and quick facts. It has really become quite depressing. So here is a little “DID YOU KNOW?”

  • Plastic is durable, non-degrable and takes more than 400 years to break down.
  • Out of 300 million tons of plastic produced world-wide per year – only 10% is actually recycled.
  • 7 million tons of trashed plastic ends up in our oceans each year.
  • 100 million seabirds alone have been killed by plastic products.
  • It is estimated than more than 500 billion plastic shopping bags are used every year. On average 1 out of 200 of these bags are recycled.

Here are 5 easy ways we are starting our challenge. Over the 21 days I will continue to find and share more ways we can decrease our plastic consumption.

– This has to be the easiest and most accessible method to providing change. Decrease the amount of plastics and other recycleables in our landfill. Dont be afraid to be that person digging through the bin at home, in the work place or even in public! If you’re unsure of what can be recycled, head down to your local recycling depot and they can be of assistance!

– This really does tie into #1 but I feel as though the first deserved its very own spot. I love that our cities have provided households with introduced compost along with recycling and garbage bins. Its even implemented at local malls. By the time you recycle and compost diligently there really isn’t much left for our garbage.

– This truly has to be the easiest but most forgotten way to reduce our plastic intake. I am so guilty of forgetting our cloth bags in the car or at home.

– I mean isn’t this a win-win situation? Eat healthier and skip on the packaging? This is definitely where things become tricky because it is such a hard feat to avoid packaging in groccery stores. Bulk bins are a great way to avoid packaging *IF* you skip the plastic bags and use mason jars or cloth bags for your goods. Bulk bins aren’t always a viable option though, especially for families such as ours with allergies.

– Really take notice of what your daily, weekly or even montly consumption of plastic is. Learn where we can cut down, what essentials are extemely hard to avoid and if there are any alternatives out on the market.

In our modern world the truth is everything is coated, covered and packaged in plastic. Plastic is one of the top three man-made materials in production.  It may always surround us but to those individuals who are interested in being green, caring for our land and oceans there are many possible ways to cut back. I hope to explore as many options in our 21 day challenge. I definitely plan to continue after our 21 days is up and make this apart of our lifestyle.

I challenge you to participate in our #noplasticchallenge. Show us your ways you’ve learned to cut back by tagging us on Instagram!



  • Good job earth mama! Very inspiring post. It’s crazy to think that only 10% of plastic is recycled. We can do better than that! We stoped using plastic bags no straws in our family but there is so much more we can do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • What a wonderful idea! I love bringing my own cloth bags instead of buying those plastic bags. But honestly, I’ve been trying to buy not that much packaged food – but sometimes it’s really hard! But the best thing is to be aware of it and to sort compost & garbage! Good luck for the challenge & stay positive!

  • This sounds like such an awesome challenge!!! I would love to take part in this and try it with my children. What a fabulous way to teach them about protecting our environment.

  • Thanks for sharing your post. My daughter and I were just discussing making less trash, We have already put into place several ways to reduce the use of plastic. It is amazing when you shop and you stop to think about what you are going to purchase, you become more aware. Nice post!

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