As 2017 is quickly coming to an end were all dreaming of what 2018 will bring.

We are bringing new life into the world Spring 2018, my only child becomes a big brother and ages another year which will forever be bittersweet. This is what we knowingly have to look forward to, and we are so excited.

The popular saying “new year, new me” will surely be floating around. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and what I want to achieve this coming year. I really am hoping to focus and not lose my self worth, my spirit and my drive as I felt I had after the birth of Odin, which carried on into mid 2017. I truly don’t desire a new me, I desire to bring back pieces of the old me that I had lost. I desire to connect back to myself fully, as I’ve definitely lost touch.

I hope to regain consciousness in areas of my life I’ve let go of. Healthy “crunchy” cooking and baking, meditating, being earth-friendly, appreciation and gratitude for the little things in life, loving and taking care of myself and reaching for constant new experiences. With that being said, setting my mind on these old loves of mine – I hope to be able to share them with you.

One of my main reasons for blogging was to help bring myself out in the open, be more transparent with myself and others and to really connect and share with the world what I’m passionate about. I’ve felt so much self-growth as I’ve been regaining myself the past five months and I truly hope it continues into 2018. As self-conscious as I am and for how much I doubt what I have to write – I do believe people may be able to take something with them after reading my blog – as well as I can from all of you!

I hope to take this blog into new places, slowly but surely. I’ve got a few ideas and new ways to share up my sleeve and hopefully I can share soon. As well as to continue to be true to my authentic self, as I’ve really realized I’m not like other mommy-bloggers and I shouldn’t try to be because that is not me.  With saying that I also hope to learn in 2018 to love and appreciate my self again, as I once had. Lastly, to continue to grow with others, engage and be active with other like minded women and/or mothers because that is where I struggle most being the shy timid soul.

So to all you ladies out there who maybe think like me, maybe even just a little bit – lets chat and get to know each other! Who knows – by  the time 2019 rolls around we could be great friends and have had a great year together.

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