So if you’ve been following along you’ll kind of get the jist of this whole #consciouschristmas. If not, have a quick read at my prior blog post here. This is my first post in the series and what better way to get the Christmas spirit pumping… start decorating!

As I started to begin crafting it kind of turned into more than just making a few DIY re-purposed wood signs for a blog post. I got back in the groove of crafting which I probably haven’t done in over six months, I didn’t realize how much I missed it… and how relaxing it is! It inspired me to make a whole boat-load of decor and join two Christmas Craft Fairs. I’ve been selling crafted items under Wild Lives.

I didn’t realize how little decoration I had till I rummaged through the boxes. I have three items for Christmas decor, aside from my beloved black tree ornaments and stockings. A beautiful golden deer my sister gifted me, a lantern I bought when I first moved out and my little set of vintage tins I got at the thrift store last year. I suppose I’ve done fairly well not buying into the insanity that is in the Christmas aisles.

This past week Dan and I have been busy getting to work and in the Christmas spirit. He’s my amazing labourer who puts up with all my shenanigans. Of course you’re familiar with Pinterest – who isn’t! It is a great place for inspiration and that is where I started. It really becomes overwhelming so once you find something you love, stop there! I found many cute Christmas sayings and I always love woodland animal silhouettes. Many other ideas I found were awesome such as chalk paint Christmas countdown, coasters, key racks, and plenty more classic Christmas sayings to get you all in the Christmas spirit in a conscious way!

I love wood projects and I do prefer wood-burning but I also love the look and ease of painting as well. I love to craft and our house is chalked full of supplies so I was easily able to do both styles without purchasing anything but some carbon paper!

Here’s  alittle step-by-step to get started:

  • Take apart palettes, remove those rusty nails!
  • Measure, cut, sand & put together your sign.
  • Find your inspiration, print, make a stencil or try free-handing.
  • If staining: wood-burn before staining, if painting stain first.



And finally, get crafting and let your inspiration guide you! While I didn’t get any pictures of our steps because Dan and I took turns, usually at night bouncing Odin between the both of us. I did manage to get some cute looks of approval from Odin though.

Rustic, recycled, re-purposed signs are a great way to consciously decorate your home for the holidays. Allowing your creative juices to flow and to even include older children in the fun as they can paint and decorate their own! I hope this has inspired you to consciously purchase less and make more memories while creating your holiday decor!




  • These repurposed wood pallet signs are beautiful! The shops are full of useless throwaway Christmas decorations. I would much rather have something like this that lasts. Thanks for the inspiration!

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