Christmas is just around the corner, like really close. 43 days to be exact.

This definitely has never been my favourite time of year. My mother will tell you I am the real life Grinch! I really only ever got excited about my moms peanut butter balls, seriously to die for. Now that Odin is allergic to peanut butter, I guess I wont be devouring those, which is really probably a good thing. So I move on to the next greatest thing… I get to have a tree in my house for a whole month! If I could all year – I would.

I love the feeling of giving more than I like to receive, and I feel like most of us could say that about ourselves. I do also love to bake, craft, festive games and those rare Christmas mornings where my sister and I didn’t get in a fight by 10 o’clock. But I’ve always been pretty negative about the whole idea of Christmas. The ideal Christmas most people celebrate today, in my mind, supports the rich and greedy corporations. They get rich quicker while we open perfectly (and expensively) wrapped gifts and it takes most of us months to recover. Maybe in the back of my mind this is why I’ve always had this negative Grinch vibe towards Christmas and I didn’t really realize till now.

With Dan and I starting our own family, soon to be a family of four, I can say I’m actually excited for Christmas this year. Odin isn’t quite old enough to know exactly what is going on, other than mommy is crazy and put a tree in the house. But I’d love for a first “half-understanding” of Christmas to be about the fun, new activities and experiences and less about the gifts. Better yet as he gets older to teach him the value of not being wasteful and what it means to buy from your neighbour and not the big toy in the big box store.

Becoming more conscious, green, earth-friendly and to support those local to us has been in my mind for a while and I believe the holiday season is a great place to start! In our house we want to have a “Conscious Christmas” this year and maybe it will even extend into our families as well.

So hopefully I’ve captured your attention well enough to get you excited about a new blog series based around having a “Conscious Christmas.” I hope to include more conscious ways to decorate, green crafts that can include your little ones, ways to thrift, re-purpose, recycle and more!

Stay tuned my friends!


  • Girl, YES! We’ve been working towards this since our second year of marriage ( so forever ago) and it’s honestly so much less stressful and wayy more fun! We have the funds to go so fun Christmas activities and don’t have so much stuff hanging around our house after Christmas!

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