I’ve totally been MIA and I’m a little late on the goodbye summer train – but I have been SO over the summer heat and graciously awaiting Fall to arrive for a long time now but also soaking up our last weeks of summer.

We definitely will miss the carefree feeling of summer. Waking up and going to the park in as little of clothing as possible – and basically living there, having picnics, days at the lake or beach, tending to the garden and never without iced coffee. I’m a sweaty grumpy mama in anything above 25 Celsius so I’m very thankful for cooler autumn weather.

I dig what fall brings; cozy sweaters, leg warmers and boots, hot coffee and tea brings me so much joy! I go crazy for Halloween decor and I am that crazy lady who definitely keeps it up all year round.

This past weekend was Daniel and I’s first wedding anniversary and it couldn’t have been a more perfect weekend! Ok, I lie… that nasty cold that’s going around I totally had it but everything else was perfect. We had solid mommy and daddy time painting ceramic gnomes for 5 hours, dinner and then lounging and nerding out on video games… all while child free and we even got to sleep in the following morning!

We also visited Aldor Acres as a family and it melted my heart. It is so amazing to see Odin experience and explore freely. The love and excitement he has for animals is to die for and further develops my desire to run a hobby farm. We need all the goats!

With the new season it brings new changes and experiences, especially for Odin. As the season changes so does our little boy, its bitter-sweet. They grow far too fast but it is such an amazing feeling seeing your children grow, learn and experience everything that is new to them. I feel this time is precious, I mean our time always is, but when they really are seeing, feeling and experiencing for the first time it really becomes a precious moment. Just having an emotional mama moment here.

So goodbye summer, hello fall. We look forward to cuddles on the couch, cute and cozy sweaters, excessive trips to the pumpkin patch and petting zoo, jumping in leaves and sippin’ on some hot tea.

Aren’t these photos great?

Photos done by the ever great @caitkennedy__


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