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You’re always one decision

away from a totally different life.

In life we are all guilty of being hung-up on the “what ifs.”  We could say this statement  about almost every scenario in our lives. It applies everywhere, to everyone. But would you really be the same if life went towards your “what if.”

“What if I did better in school,” “What if we traveled more before kids,” “What if I was more social,” “What if we never broke up,” “What if I didn’t take that job,”

We would not be who we are or where we are today.

Personally, I was an awful teenager quite dependent on drugs, alcohol as well as being mentally and physically shattered. I will always say though “I wouldn’t ever change it.” I never think about “What if I didn’t go down that path.” It has shaped me into this strong, independent woman. I’ve found bits and pieces of myself, I’ve found and established morals, beliefs and my spirituality. I’ve met the right people at the right times and its how I got where I am today. I hope our children never decide to take that kind of path but hopefully from all the experiences we can teach them to be greater.

I think it is a very important lesson to not get hung up on the “what if.” Especially when learning to find yourself and accept yourself for who you are. Maybe realizing this is a crucial step to learning who you are and where you want to be as well. Past, present, future.  Don’t waste your life doting on one decision that could have changed your entire life because it already has in a different way – maybe not the way you had hoped but one day I’m sure you will appreciate where you ended up. It is all a chain reaction and the possibilities are endless.


What is something significant in your life that has shaped you into the being you are today? Leave some love in the comments




  • YES GIRL. This is such an amazing reminder. Its so easy to think of what we have *potentially* missed out on and forget about how far we have came and why we are who we are today. Im so excited to keep reading your posts. love you girl.

    xoxo Rae

  • Well said. I’ve had a similar chat with an elderly friend recently, and one thing she told me that allies exactly with what you are saying it that I should abandon my “what ifs” as they will prevent me from moving forward and I should make sure that my decision align with your long term goal.

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